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SoftDent products

SoftDent concentrates on servicing the medical and pharmaceutical industries. With a mature software development history and solid servicing experience we provide these practical business applications:


PharmaCODE is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for pharmaceutical representative company. This application is a combination of newest technologies and our experience gathered singe 1998 developing, supporting and maintaining our software for customers all over the world. PharmaCODE was designed especially for pharmaceutical representative companies considering all the work specifics of these organisations. It is a helpful aid for various roles in each pharmaceutical representative company: sales representatives, managers, data analysts and accountants.


PharmaZOOM allows you to gather, analyse, and forecast, not only sales data of your own representative suppliers but also that of your competitors.

Visi Vaistai

VISIvaistai website provides drug information in Lithuania. There is also available Latvian version of this site VISASzales. Website is useful for everyone, who wishes:

  • To know about medicines (read summary of products characteristics, get to know a market average price of particular products)
  • Using pharmacies search engine find out where one can buy needed medicines
  • Get to know monthly discounts for medicines which offers pharmacies
  • Read about deceases;
  • Use decease search engine according ones symptoms
  • Look for medical institutions.


Foxus is an e-health solution for medical institutions. It allows storing patient and medical history information in electronic format and covers all main processes of health service organisation. Using this system you can:

  • Ensure fast and easy access to the necessary data
  • Save time spend on documentation processing
  • Increase effectiveness of internal processes
  • Improve quality of provided services

Foxus was designed using newest technologies and international standards of healthcare software development. Our solution ensures simple operation support, easy functionality extension and integration with other systems possibilities.


RepDesk is a meeting with health care specialists booking system for pharmaceutical representatives. The system was designed to ensure communication between pharmaceutical companies and health care specialist in accordance to changed rules of medicines advertising issued in Lithuania on 1st September, 2011.

Support Center

SoftDent Support Center ( was implemented in order to enhance quality of our services and simplify request sending, processing and answer delivery processes. Main possibilities of this system:

  • Possibility to submit a ticket to SoftDent employees
  • Possibility to check status of the ticket
  • Possibility to review all company tickets (for user with administrator rights)
  • Possibility to review software related news
  • Possibility to browse knowledgebase and find answers to frequently asked questions
  • Possibility to subscribe news via RSS

Please refer to user manual for more information about ticket submission.

Specific Software Development

We have developed and implemented specific software solutions according individual orders from our customers:

  • STATAS – Business fleet fuel accounting system
  • ULAAKP – Infectious disease surveillance system for Lithuania Ministry of National Defence
  • SUN – Pharmaceutical consignor warehouse administration system
  • ReDoc – Pharmaceutical product document management system
  • Sampling Manager – Medicine sample management application