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SoftDent services

Are you looking for software or IT solution to systemize and analyze the data of your company? Are you harried by large amounts of data, data processing and updating? Do you need qualified and high-quality software maintenance?

Do not hesitate to address UAB SoftDent. We have the necessary experience and attach great importance to the quality of services, therefore we will offer unique solutions tailored to your needs and possibilities so that your business processes are effectively automated with the help of information technologies.

Software development and further improvement

We develop specialized software for pharmacy and medicine sectors. The software offered to our clients is not static and can be modified or developed further based on a real understanding of your business drives and needs.

Considering the specificity of our clients working in the pharmacy sector, i.e. employee mobility and timely transfer of visit data, our programmes are designed to operate both in on-line and off-line modes.

In addition to original SoftDent software we offer maintenance and further development of the client’s CRM (Customer Relationships Management) systems, ETMS programmes (Electronic Territory Management System), and data management in line with specific needs of the client and continuously changing market demands.

Software deployment

We provide integrated services to our clients using SoftDent software starting from the build and release of the software, installation and activation in the client’s office and further operation support and maintenance.

The deployment process involves:

  • Initial preparation of databases and manuals;
  • Transfer of the client’s historical data;
  • Selection and testing of software settings;
  • Installation in the client’s office (server, end-user PCs);
  • Training:
    • Level I – medical representatives;
    • Level II – managers (Sales/Product/Marketing/BUM/KAM);
    • Level II – IT specialists, data/software administrators.

Software maintenance and support

We value customer satisfaction with SoftDent software and loyalty to our company; therefore we offer a 12 month overall maintenance guarantee including:

  • Mastering the functionalities in new versions of the software;
  • Software upgrade and new version installation, additional training for the client’s staff on new operations and functions;
  • Support by telephone and e-mail. To expedite the solution of operational problems we advise to register the requests in our software support centre;
  • Regular visits to the client’s office during guarantee support period;
  • IT solutions and other client technical support.

Server lease

Thrifty customers or clients with constrained budgets, who do not plan to own a server in the nearest future but are concerned with the safety of their programmes and data, as well as SoftDent software lessees, are offered server rent and IT maintenance services:

  • 24/7 server IT maintenance and resource support, server software upgrading;
  • Customer license development and administration;
  • Upholding the safety level of the software and databases;
  • 1/7 making of backup copies, storing copies in physical media.

Database management, maintenance, data upgrading services

In addition to data systemizing, management and analysis tools applied in our programmes we offer our clients specialized data management and regular upgrading solutions subject to each client’s needs and technical capacities.

Our unique data processing methods allow high-quality import and export of data and data transfer to remote users.

Customers receive satisfaction from the quality of our services and qualifications of our staff. Many pharmaceutical representatives in the Baltic regions benefit from the following regular services:

  • Import of wholesalers reports;
  • Administration, handling and upgrading of main Lists;
  • Data correction and structure modification at the customer’s request;
  • Regular updates of doctors, pharmacies and medical institutions lists.

We appreciate our customer confidence in SoftDent services and seek to deliver innovative data and performance management solutions.